Now with the new purchase method in Store @eroDisk Soundweaver, making your music purchases is easier.

1.-Enter the STORE section.
2.-Browse through the different sessions and choose the music you want.
3.-Once you are inside listen to the demo (the audio may take time to load according to the speed of the Internet, preferably use Google Chrome) and choose the options of Speed ​​and type of Audio.
4.-Press the ADD TO CART button.
5.-You can continue looking for more albums to your liking and adding to your shopping cart.
6.-Press FINISH PURCHASE when you finish making your choice.
7.-If you are a customer, enter with you (user-mail) and your password, in case it is your first purchase, sign up and
save your income data, this will record all your orders and your purchase preferences.
8.-A format will appear with the amount to pay and the data to pay in the bank or in the OXXO.
9.-Once you have made your payment, you will proceed to receive your music through your email which
you can download it on a computer, to be aware of your purchase or if you have any questions contact @eroDisk
mail: tels: 0133-3145-2807 / 0133-1730-5313 / 044-3311-454508 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.